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New Eyes

9 Sep

We all have a routine that we follow, a certain route that we take home everyday, or the same alternate route. Often times we get use to the environment and the atmosphere, we see the same stores, same people, houses, street lights, lamp posts. For this assignment I want  you notice what you encounter on a daily basis and imagine it as you never experienced it before. Then write down all that you can remember in as much detail as you can. Observe the richness of the space and its details,  for i.e..the tiny cracks on the side of a building, the light that flickers….  Consider who do you see, what do you hear, what you smell. What have you noticed today that you haven’t noticed before?

Create a short blog post with your own interesting title, about your space/neighborhood.  Include one or two pictures and reference them in your post.  Look over your notes from lectures, textbook, etc. and find a way to use at least one concept we’ve been studying in the body of your post. Include at least one reference to some form of media you notice as you experience your space/neighborhood and the role they play as you see it .

This post is due: Sunday September 13, 2015 at 12:00pm.