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16 Apr

For those of you who didn’t get the Keywords-2012 today. Click on hyper link.



12 Apr

Pitches are short idea/concept sharing sessions that usually involve an audience of one or more that requires support (usually financial)  for their idea. Feedback from pitches can be used to refine details from the initial stages of your concept to the execution of the concept.  Keep in mind your pitches should be no longer than 3 minutes.  Below you will find a few helpful links on pitching. (Note: A lot of the examples are business pitches and revolve around making money, you don’t need to explain how you will make money from your campaign).

Things to consider when pitching:

-Why is my idea important?

– Who is my audience?

-How will my idea/concept be effective?

-How do I plan to execute my idea?

Finally, remember have fun with this!

*This is a reminder that pitches will begin on Monday April 16, 2012.