The Black Struggle

25 Mar

To be honest, the only subjects that have resonated with me in this class are censorship and free thinking. I sincerely had not felt a connection with the class until the viewing of the “Soldiers Without Swords” documentary. Although Professor Ewen makes sure to discuss the portrayal of women in the media, the subject of race had not been touched. While I commend Professor Ewen for bring up the subject, I commend him even more for using a documentary that was produced and told from the viewpoint of blacks. By doing this, I could identify more with the topic and not have any prejudices about it being taught from the viewpoint of a white male. Also, it the documentary gives insight into how blacks are portrayed  and represented in the media today. Although progress has been made, there is still a disproportion of people of color in the media. This includes actors and actresses, broadcast journalists, musicians, television shows and movies, etc. There are also hardly any black publications still in existence. This is evident of how the portrayal of blacks are dependent on the white controlled media.


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