Style Wars and Censorship

25 Mar

Styles Wars really resonated with me because it really gives you a different perspective to that time period and you hear things straight from the graffiti artists themselves. The film itself isn’t that amazing but the look it gives you into this sort of underground culture that was such a big deal back then, just really stuck with me. Because today graffiti is just not a big deal to most people anymore. I mean sure we still see it on buildings or in the subway, but it’s cool to see how much it mattered to these graffiti artists and how it gave them an identity and a reputation to live up to. I’m always so interested in seeing things from other people’s point of view, so this film definitely resonated with me. I also enjoyed reading ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and exploring all these ideas about censorship. Especially because it is still a problem people can connect with today, with the internet censorship bill SOPA that caused a huge outcry from the public. It’s just crazy to learn how society has been trying to censor people for so long and the lengths they go to do so, whether it be way back when the Church was doing it or even in the fictional world of ‘Fahrenheit 451’, censorship is definitely a topic that resonated with me and really got me thinking.


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