25 Mar

Censorship has existed a lot longer than I could have ever imagined.  Prior to taking this class, censorship seemed more like a protective measure rather than a form of control. For example,  I compare it to agreements on x-rated sites to protect not only the owners of the site, but also their users.  However, since reviewing the history of media, particularly the Catholic church during the Middle Ages, my views have changed.  It’s become less about protection and more about subjugation .

Style Wars is an extension of this view.  Because the bombers were so few, it was easier for the local government to enforce laws to make graffiti illegal.  Freedom of speech is supposed to be extended to all citizens, not just to those who hold the most power.


One Response to “Censorship”

  1. allisonw1986 March 25, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    Forgot to add this video: http://youtu.be/sPSKdHlwm5U

    Tool – Hush <—- A raw/humorous representation of censorship

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