What resonated with me

23 Mar

This course has been interesting because the professor has the ability to take what seem like unrelated topics and mesh them together to create a brand new idea. The way these ideas fit together really impressed me, however some topics resonated more with me than others. I was very interested in the focus on the African American writers. I was deeply moved by the readings portraying the black perspective such as “Frankie Mae” and Franking Douglas’s “Learning How to Read”. Their ideas and notions were presented in a powerful and blunt manner, which coincided with the movie we watched regarding the history of the black press. I really enjoyed reading Fahrenheit 451 as well because it was a quick read and there was a lot of embedded meaning. The class introduced me to the idea that media has the ability to control those who accept it and promote it. The idea that knowledge is power is so evident now, but I was blind to this notion before reading about the black press and the ideas that stemmed from Bradbury’s novel. Today more than ever, knowledge is power and as students we must understand this notion to better ourselves and society in the future. This class has introduced me to a vast array of information that could be used in the real world, which I find an important asset in any class. I am excited to be introduced to more ideas that would never fit before, but somehow come into place in front of me piece by piece.


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