My Style: Everchanging.

19 Mar

Typically, personal tastes in fashion are seen as reflections of their personalities and creativity. However, what if it these varying tastes were reflections of oppression? With the fashion industry dictating what it is that is in “season” and “should be worn”, very rarely will you see individuals breaking free of the norm. I am no exception to this fact. When I was a child, I was extremely tomboyish and my style reflected this. On a daily basis I would be found in over sized jeans, over sized t-shirts and mens’ sneakers. On rare occasions, I would get in touch with my feminine side and wear whatever it is my siblings deemed “fashionable”. It was on these days that I felt most uncomfortable because it wasn’t what I truly wanted to wear. But I never said a thing because I did not want to stray away from the “norm”. Basically, my fashion went from this to this in a week. But then as I grew older, I found a medium between male and female fashion. My staple outfit became the hoodie and skinny jeans. It was simple, comfortable and never went out of style.  However, for a period of time, I felt obligated to “fit” in and tried to become accustomed to the hip-hop culture by wearing colorful sneakers and brightly colored hoodies and tees. That of course did not bode well with my personality. I am more of a simple individual. Now, my style is both a reflection of my mood and personality. During the summer season, I wear colorful maxi dresses. During the other seasons, I just wear whatever it is I feel like ranging from jeans and sweaters to jeans and mesh tops.


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