A Progression of Patterns, Moods and Music

19 Mar

Allison Wright

Section 084


Style has gradually become more integrated into my life.  Music has definitely been the most influential factor on how I dress, movies that I enjoy watching, even certain books.  Just as fashion trends go through different eras, I feel like my style has done the same:


Junior high school: Style for me really had no reference.  I mainly focused on comfort – over-sized sweaters and T-shirts, wide-leg jeans and sneakers.  I didn’t wear make-up and my hair was always in a single braid.  I accept it, I was the definition of dork at the time.

High school:  Spent a lot more time listening to music (mainly 90s alternative and classic rock) and I felt like I was finally beginning to find myself.  I still wore wide-leg and sneakers, but I was slowly beginning to transition into clothes that actually showed that I wasn’t just an amorphous blob.  I even managed to wear a skirt and even HEELS!  Those times, however, were far and few.

College: This is when I finally came to terms with dressing more like a girl.  This was also the time when I got heavily into the Gothic scene – dark make-up, black clothing 24/7, even in 90 degree weather and wearing my hair in a long, dark curtain.  I can’t say that this necessarily matched my mood all the time because I never considered myself to be a really depressed person.  Also, I felt like I could be more outgoing and not feel weird about what I was wearing.  One memorable moment I had when I was still going to my community college was when I was dressed up Morticia-esque and was walking my boyfriend around with a chain around his neck.  The looks on people’s faces were priceless!

Current:  I think my best outfits are produced when I don’t think about them too much and I’m crunched for time.  One day I could be feeling Boho, wearing a tribal printed shirt and ornate earrings, or jeans and a T-shirt.  My hair has also gone through several transformations since highschool – choppy-short, graduated bob dyed bright red and back to long again.  I still wear a lot of black, but now not so Gothic (sometimes I will use occasional elements, which is why I love accessories).  I’ve become a metalhead, but don’t need to dress that way for people to know that.  I do look to magazines sometimes for outfit inspiration, but don’t go as far as being a “trend whore”.

I agree with some of my classmates that style should be defined by YOU, not the other way around.  Fashion trends are like stars – eventually they will burn out.



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