I have experime…

18 Mar

I have experimented with numerous styles since I first started discovering my own identity. Before age 12 I didn’t have much of a style to speak of, just the typical children’s clothes with mismatching patterns and the sneakers with the heelies. When I was 12 I embraced my first style, influenced by my mother most specifically, which involved wearing way too much jewelry, “designer” clothes, and a face full of make-up. It was the first year we were allowed to wear make-up at my Middle School in California and I definitely took advantage of it. However, just over the summer when I turned 13, my style did a 360 and suddenly I was exactly the opposite. I only wore black all day every day, band t-shirts, spike belts, and heavy black hoodies. I was introverted and angry and I used my style as a way of telling other people to just “Leave Me Alone!” Oh, the fond memories. I stayed this way until age 15 when, you guessed it, my style changed again completely and suddenly I was a “hippie.” I wore long, flowy skirts, headbands, and peace signs. This style hasn’t completely left me, it has just evolved, through the “hipster” stage now to the “I don’t really care” stage which just involves me wearing what’s comfortable. I was taken to garage sales and swap meets most of my life by my mother; hence why I developed a love for unique and off-beat clothing. I feel it mirrors my own uniqueness; I don’t need an expensive style because I’m just an easy-going, peaceful person. It was fun experimenting with all of these styles and I’m sure I’ll still continue to until I settle on the right one.


the dying the hair, the cutting up of the clothes, the piercing of the nose… all contributes to a style of “F*** the World!”


straw hats, flowy dresses, feathers and unique jewelry demonstrate your “hippie” lifestyle.

big sunglasses, “boyish” long sleeve tops, and messy hair imply that one is a “hipster,” aka One Cool Cat.


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