18 Mar

Vanessa Rodriguez, Sec 084

I remember playing with my style as long as I can remember because since I was a baby, which I have pictures to prove, my mom would be dressing me up. She would be playing dress up with me everyday, except I was the one whom she was creating a myriad of styles for. She already had her own. With my mom so constantly excited about all these different looks I can pull off age by age, I could never just ignore or not care what I looked like. Just 5 years ago, I started appreciating all the ideas, that to this day she shares with me, on what clothing from Express, Guess, Bebe, H&M, and a hundred other stores she thinks would look “fabulous” on me. If there’s one thing my mom has taught me that has made me so appreciative of her passion, instead of me hating it or it annoying me, and has even inspired my own obsession with it is that everyone is different and should keep their mind open to all the ways style is a palette for creativity. It should allow you to discover new things that you thought would never work for you and in the process, discover something new about yourself. But it should always be used to to hug and compliment the specific features that you were born with because everyone is different. There are always people who use style and images as ways to torture themselves instead of inspiring them. I have a friend who used to run on a treadmill with a picture resting on top of the treadmill of a slim model wearing clothes “that she could never pull off.”  It should be used to inspire confidence or motivate people in a healthy way to achieve confidence, not to perpetually keep a person’s self-esteem in a dark pit and make them feel bad for themselves which happens so frequently in our time. As for myself now, I don’t have a set, fixed style but everything I wear does show an expression of who I am. And I wear it because I know it fits me, not because Megan Fox looks good in it or Adriana Lima says  I would be a “bombshell” in it.


Kirsten Dunst for example pulls off this turquoise color, which doesn’t really compliment my skin tone well but looks wonderful on her. Everyone’s different!


I like to wear any warmer or darker hue of blue. I would probably wear this because it mixes that blue with my interest in galaxies, space, solar systems, etc.

Everyone should move to take full advantage of what they’re given and use style to compliment it because in our society today too many people are obsessed with looking like someone else and being unhappy with themselves when they don’t.


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