Mid-Term Review Post

9 Mar

In preparation for the midterm next Wednesday  choose one action (from the list) for each of the questions on the study guide:

1)  Select two key words for each question. Develop a unique and concise definition of these key words in the context of the course work.
2) Think about questions that you want to raise in relation to the assigned questions. Post Three.
3) Write a compelling opening paragraph for 2 questions
4) Post an image for each question

Please respond to one another and give feedback. Consider this post apart of your study sessions. This is due Sunday 6:00pm. (I recognize this post is coming late so you will not be penalized for not contributing online by the deadline but understand that this will be helpful to you as you prepare for the exam.

Please bring hard copies to class we will be doing peer reviews.


Study GuideMedia180.MidT.StudyG.3.6.2012


3 Responses to “Mid-Term Review Post”

  1. Karyn Salazar March 11, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    Questions in relation to the assigned study questions:

    On Q.4. How does the black press challenge the canonical literacy endorsed by Bradbury’s story?

    On Q.5. Bradbury’s, Douglass’ and Mae’s stories portray educated and conscious women, but how do they perpetuate the cliched ideas about gender?

    On Q.6. How are Douglass’ and Mae’s stories similar? How are they different?

  2. taracelis91 March 12, 2012 at 5:53 am #

    Aracelis Torres
    Media 180
    March 12, 2012
    Midterm Review

    1) When discussing the connection between fire and the media the one common factor is the use of fire as a way to “silence” the voices and opinions of society. Fire is used to represent the type of control society wishes to place upon media so not to much information is given away. Journalist from the black press were forced to start their own papers and even gave in to the white mans type of advertisements to keep their papers circulating. Even Captain Montag started to realize the struggle behind every author and what society was willing to do to avoid its people from gaining more unnecessary knowledge. Fire can also been seen as a spark of inspiration given to the writers of the black press and to Montag for secretly hiding his books from everyone he knew. Todays society has many different types of media that are encourage by everyone to enjoy but sometimes media exposes more truth then what certain society’s are willing to handle.

    7) If I lived in the world of Fahrenheit 451 the book I would commit to memory would be something very important from history that changed the way we live our lives now. I think it would be best to memorize Dr. Martin Luther Kings “I Have a Dream Speech” because that was a moment that changed our nation’s history forever. He spoke very strongly about his dreams of having people of color and white people co-exist with one another in peace. I think this book would be important for future humanity because it shows where and how segregation slowly came to an end. Future generations can know of past heroes that help alter the futures of all different type of people.

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