Essay Rewrites

9 Mar

Those of you that are rewriting your essay ; I want you to pretend that you are writing this essay for a 3 year old. By that I mean each time you express a major or significant idea I want you to ask yourself  why? Start off by asking yourself why is this statement true and then continue to question the implications of your statement. Do this atleast twice. The idea is to do this until you can’t anymore.

Also, I would like for you to title your essays something other than “Social Media and Me”, “My Image”. Please try to stay away from titles like “Facebook versus Twitter”, “Why I hate FB!”, “Tumblr, Baby!” unless you can create a very compelling essay that illustrates your image/relationship to the social media networks that warrants such a title. Remember, this is not a competition between networks but rather how you might identify with these networks and or what they may or may not reveal about your image. Remember, your essay doesn’t have to be specifically about these social media sites at all.

Rewrites are due 2 weeks from the day that you received your paper. They went out in a couple rounds this week: If you received your essay this past Monday March 5h then it will be due March 19th. If you received it Wednesday March 7th it will be due March 21st. Those of you that emailed I noted the due date in my response to you.


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