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23 Feb

Folks, I will return  your essays (hard copies) on Monday March 5th. I was hoping to get them back to you in under 2 weeks but I am not going to be able to. For those of you who emailed; I will email my response to you by the date as well.


Blog Assignment #2 Quote that Resonates….

23 Feb

Please choose a quote that resonates with you from either the Douglass, John Ross, Bradbury, or Wheeler reading. Explain why it is significant to you or provide an image that captures the meaning of the quote with a brief description. If  choosing to write your response, it should be a paragraph or less. This is also due February 26, 2012.

Blog Assignment #1 Modern Media Griot

21 Feb

Preserving History

A griot is a West African story-teller that uses the oral tradition (story telling) to preserve history or tradition. Many are musicians, singers, and poets. In Farenheit 451 the professors that Montag meets towards the end of the book serve as griots (in their own right); as they will retell the stories/ information from the books that have memorized. For this assignment consider some of the issues that we have discussed in lab and lecture ie..resistance, literacy, as they relate to World, American, or personal history and create or find an image (still or video) or piece of sound that tells a story that you wish to preserve.

Please respond to this post by: February 26, 2012

MEDIA 180 Lab’s 09 & 84

11 Feb

Welcome to Media 180 Lab’s 09 & 84. On this blog you will find course materials, assignments, announcements, and  a hearty discussion! Feel free to post new ideas, discussion topics, and questions here. This is an extension of our lab so please treat it that way and respect this space.